Trees are the lungs and natural filter system of the air we breathe providing us with fresh oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also serve countless other benefits. Not only do trees provide natural beauty in our forests and surrounding our dwellings, they also provide natural cooling, protection from the wind, erosion, noise and privacy control. Trees can reduce energy consumption by absorbing heat from the sun during the summer and providing cooling shade. They accentuate structural details of buildings, frame views and provide focal points all the while providing a constant changing variation of beauty through all four seasons. Apart from the obvious, trees enhance property values and those who wish to maintain or increase values should be concerned with proper tree care.

Trees can also pose hazards that in most cases are not obvious to the untrained observer. Recognizing the importance of hiring a certified arborist to safely remove or maintain your trees or forest is imperative for responsible home and property owners who wish to preserve and enhance tree growth while maintaining a safe environment.

As certified arborists our mission at Muskoka Lakes Tree Service, is to enhance the landscape value of your trees or forest and provide responsible educated tree removal and maintenance services while making safety for people, buildings and property our top priority.

Tree care falls into many categories including yearly maintenance pruning, crown cleaning, crown thinning, water and fertilization (where permitted) and mulch applications to provide protection for root systems and maintain soil moisture levels.

Our understanding of soil types, essential nutrients, optimal conditions required for trees to absorb required nutrients and recognizing the signs when a tree is lacking in nutrients allows us to apply a variety of techniques to enhance growth and vigour. We utilize a variety of methods including fertilization, mulch application and water system recommendations to help provide the ideal growing conditions.