"Our property's health and appearance are very special for us. Mr McDonald and crew have been responsive to those needs in many ways and I count on their ongoing advice, tree-by-tree, year-by-year. They are not shy about recommending responses to our trees' health and prevailing conditions, and their take-down, pruning and clean-up disciplines are outstanding."

The Longs, Skeleton Lake

"During the summer of 2009, I had occasion to hire Muskoka Lakes Tree Service (Brian McDonald) to cut down 4 trees that had died during the winter - 3 birch and 1 maple. I was most impressed with the care and planning that was taken so as not to damage buildings, and other trees. They were all cut down, sawn into firewood length and neatly piled. Brush was removed. I was more than satisfied with the results and would not hesitate to recommend his service to my friends and neighbours. Quality work!"

G. Johnston, Skeleton Lake.

"For the relatively few days a year that we get to use it, there is no practical argument that can support a second home - owning a cottage is all emotional. And when you lose trees, a key component of the experience, it hurts. Brian's expertise and his quick, tidy and careful (no more hurt in the process) removal is very comforting."

The Matthews, Marlatt Island, Skeleton Lake

"Brian McDonald from Muskoka Lakes Tree Service completed some tree removal work on our Island in Muskoka over the past year. He always performed the work reliably, competently, and with a "can do" attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with."

The Wepplers, Muskoka Ontario

"Muskoka Lakes Tree Service diagnosed a carpenter ant infestation in a large tree on our property that had sadly, become unsafe. The tree was right beside our cottage. The tree was cut down and all branches and wood removed in an expeditious manner. The site was left clean. We will certainly use their services again."

The Thompsons, Lake Rosseau