Disease & Insects

Disorders affecting the health of a tree can be difficult to diagnose. Diagnosis requires a combination of experience, knowledge and keen observation. Infestations and diseases are usually a secondary factor and arise because a tree is already suffering from a combination of stress factors including mechanical injury, temperature extremes, chemical injury, grade changes, nutrient deficiencies and construction damage.

Many insects and diseases are infectious and can spread from one tree to another quickly wiping out everything in its path. Most symptoms are not obvious and cannot be identified by the untrained observer.

Part of dealing with disease or insect infestations is correct identification by recognizing symptoms and causes.

We as arborists have the ability to recognize and diagnose disease and insect infestations not only to introduce control measures but also to determine if a tree is safe to climb or presents a hazard.

Follow this link if you wish to do your own investigating into possible infestations and diseases.

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